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What Will You Teach?

As parents, my husband and myself have defined a top three list of character qualities that are most important to our family and farm; obedience, honesty, resiliency. I share this with you because I see these next couple months as a challenge to dive a little deeper and teach our kids some life lessons.

Demands, rules, requests are not overloaded on our children. But when we do make them, we have a reason and we expect to be obeyed. Grace filled parenting has lots of opportunities for freedoms and failures, which is an excellent environment for learning. I'm curious in the upcoming weeks, will adults listen to the requests put out by our government and stay home? Our actions teach what's important much louder that anything we speak from our mouth.

Let's chat about resiliency for minute. Oh wait, do you know what that means? Let me tell you... just because you want something, you don't NEED to get it.

In my opinion, to be a good teacher the only requirement is, are you willing to learn? I REALLY don't want to hear people complain that they can't teach their children, insert eye roll here. Education does not have to look like desks lined up, worksheets, and parents standing in front of a whiteboard. Today, we have every resource available at our fingertips, its called the internet. Get creative, learn together, try new things, make substitutions, use your hands, shut off the screens for big blocks of time. EVERYONE can do this!

Most importantly, start cooking your food. Staying home means keeping OTHERS safe, even if you probably wouldn't get sick. Every home will look different, but eating at home is ALWAYS cheaper, whether you buy fresh healthy food or processed convenience food. This is what 2 Maple Farms menu will look like for the next week using one locally farmed ham.

Mon - Ham, roasted asparagus, potatoes

Tues - Ham sandwiches, roasted broccoli

Wed - Ham & cheese omelets

Thurs - Ham & vegetable pasta salad

Fri - Ham bone vegetable bean soup

Oatmeal, apples, cuties, bananas, popcorn, nuts, cheese, will also be consumed this week.

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