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Parents, YOU GOT THIS!

Take a deep breath. Children learn every second of their development. I promise as a parent, grandparent or guardian you are already teaching them. First of all, ask & answer for yourself this question... what do you want them to learn from this experience?

This isn't the end of the world. History proves civilizations have been through much worse things. I may be on an island, but I'm excited for my kids to look back and share this moment in time as something GOOD. Remembering that they had an opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with family, those who love them.

In my home education experience, the best and most productive teaching is accomplished when the day is created around habits. Make a schedule of what you want to accomplish in blocks of time, but leave out the clock. It's doesn't matter if you start your day with your kids at 6am or 10am. It also doesn't matter if you spend 3 hours on MATH Tuesday and 15 minutes on it the rest of the week. What is important is that you care enough to do it. Lastly, start small and be adaptable. Things will ALWAYS change.

I will have 4 children home from school starting today. Ages... 2, 6, 7, 12. They all attend public school. My local school district is amazing and I'm thankful for them all. I plan to support whatever the teachers ask to the best of my ability. This is how WE block schedule. You do you!

1. Breakfast/Family Devotion/Journaling - Teach your kids to make coffee, cook eggs, and do the breakfast dishes for you, they might just LOVE it. We read scripture, journal about what sticks out to us and then pray together at the table.

2. Hygiene Time - Wash up, brush teeth, get dressed, start a laundry, do a quick clean

3. Math - flash cards, game, worksheets, computer, follow a baking recipe

4. Lunch Break - go outside after you eat, ALL OF YOU, even if its cold, just get some fresh air. (2 year old naps after going outside)

5. Read Aloud TOGETHER - this is a VERY special memory for families to create. Try and GUESS our first BOOK for a chance to win 2 copies after we're done. During this time talk with each other, ask questions, have kids write things in a notebook and BAM, just like that you added spelling and writing, have them correct their mistakes.

6. Do Something Artistic - Play an instrument, draw & color, build something with Legos, paint, crochet, please find a creative HOBBY. It's good for you!


8. Dinner & Family Game - Pull out cards, Risk, that annoying 1000 piece puzzle you always meant to accomplish. Just do something together!

9. TV. Bedtime. Reading. WARNING, please use birth control if you don't want a BABY!

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