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  • Tania Anderson

Breaking Through 2017

I know that 2017 had to be truly a year of breakthrough as I sat in the theater for my first Star Wars movie EVER! My entire family has loved all the Star Wars movies, spinoffs, cartoons, toys, etc., but I was quite comfortable in my state of ignorance. Maybe this sudden advance in my movie watching choices came with strategic movement, aka The Force?

But in all seriousness, this year has created a shift in our family, an important discovery in the future God has in store. It baffles me, how often life is so subtle, that we miss the moments we walk through the doors we prayed open. Seeing financial freedom come to light and whimsical dreams manifested in the physical give us faith that God cares about every prayer we speak. Our farming dreams began in our cozy warm suburban living room reading books and streaming documentaries about a life where we could produce food for our community. It drove us to plant indoors under lights and snowballed into turning every inch of backyard grass into raised beds.

I've been thinking about the pool at Bethesda in John 5, where the disabled man had been lying for thirty-eight years. Seriously, that's a LONG time to be waiting for a breakthrough. This man had nothing but an excuse and blame for others. Sounding all too familiar, like a victim. Jesus asked him, "Do you want to get well?" I mean, come on! Of course, yes. But he couldn't walk or see, and no one was going to put him in the pool and miss out on their prize. Ted and I spent 4 years waiting for the right farm, honing our skills, dreaming, making excuses, but never leaving the vision behind.

Somewhere in the last twelve months my excuses died. Our farm, naturally became urban because we did the best with what we had, growing vegetables, selling locally, and sharing our passion right in the middle of town. Experiencing dramatic success came when asking God to change us, not our situation. The details we often work so hard on, mean nothing if our soul and character never develop; a better job, be more organized, a faster run, a cleaner house, more money, more time, etc... He will come down and stir up the waters and when God decides to, it's DONE! The things we often think are impossible He can easily accomplish. He found us a buyer for our cabin when it wasn't even on the market. He handed us the perfect land and location to begin sowing seeds.

I'm binding two words around my neck in 2018. HEAL. CHOICE. I like the idea of embracing words instead of making resolutions. Not knowing the full understanding these two words will mean to me by next year. I do know they are related. Each new year brings hope with change and discovery. Jesus asked, "Do you want to get well?" So I'm asking myself, what am I WILLING to do?

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