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In 2016 we plunged into the world of microgreens.  Microgreens are the perfect high-nutrient salad-topper, omelette-stuffer and wrap-filler.  They are intensely flavorful, have 4-40 times the nutritional value of the same mature plant and can be grown fresh year round in climates like northern Minnesota. We love them!



So if you're new to the world of microgreens, we have some tips on the best ways that we've found to use these micros.

red russian kale microgreens

Try microgreens on a salad to give extra texture and depth.  All of our varieties work well on salads, but the sunflower provides a delicious crunch and high protein.  Spicy Mix provides a subtle, peppery bite. Kohlrabi adds a mild cabbage flavor and a beautiful purple appearance.  We added Red Russian Kale micros to this salad!

Or how about a pasta salad with black bean pasta, red & yellow peppers and your favorite microgreen.  We added broccoli microgreens to this salad.

black bean pasta with microgreens
black bean pasta with microgreens

Or just pea shoots alone make an excellent salad.  Add some Parmesan Cheese and an Italian Vinaigrette to make this simple salad complete. 

1020 microgreen trays


We started the microgreen production in February 2016 hoping to provide a fresh, green option to our meals.  We have tried a number of them, and I bet some of you reading this got to try a number of our samples that early spring as our sample testers.  We have since bettered our growing methods (as these baby plants do take some care) and are producing consistent product from week-to-week.  We have a number of microgreen varieties available.  The list below is our typical varieties available (in order of most available first). 

  • ​Sunflower Shoots

  • Pea Shoots

  • Radish

  • Broccoli

  • Spicy Mix (radish, arugula, cress)

  • Purple Kohlrabi

  • Red Russian Kale

  • Fennel

  • Cilantro

  • Dill

  • Beets

  • Scallions



these are other typcial ways we use these microgreens.

veggie pizza with microgreens

This veggie pizza is a crowd pleaser.  On top of a cold pizza crust and cream chesse, we placed generous portions of both sunflower and broccoli micros for the toppings.  It is a blast of freshness, but super high protein, vitamins and nutrients.

Or try radish, spicy mix or another distinct flavor, such as cilantro, fennel or dill, on your wraps. Easy to use, no cutting or chopping, just build out your wrap and place a hefty pile on before you wrap up!

tortilla wraps with microgreens

And one go-to in our house...make an omelette with cheddar and a heaping pile of broccoli micros in the center.  The omelette heat gently wilts the micros and you're left with a super-charged, protein powered breakfast.  And just that 0.5 oz of broccoli, made your nutrient intake close to a pound of broccoli!

tortilla wraps with microgreens
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